Monday, September 14, 2009

I actually had this conversation.

I am not often blessed with the luxury of actually being my age and doing the reckless things that come with being 24. However, when I am blessed, I am blessed. Take for an example an actual conversation I had with a female at a local bar whom within seconds obtained the reputation of being "Tits McGee" among my companions:

Me: I can totally eat a steak and watch open-heart surgery on the Discovery Health channel. No joke.
TM: I'm totally okay with open-heart surgery but when it comes to (TM waves her digits about in the air in jazz-fingers fashion) ligament operations, I totally puke.
Me: Ligament operations, huh. They're probably just as bad as apendage operations.
TM: Yeah, like I wouldn't want my apendage operated on. Now that's serious.

Did I correct her? No.
My next question now is, is knowledge of ligaments, common knowledge? I'd like to think it is.

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