Sunday, November 22, 2009

We Are All Precious

On my list of things that will make me scream if they don't happen: Precious getting at least ONE Academy Award. Or to be more specific, Gabby Sidibe receiving a Best Actress award. Long story short, it's about an overweight pregnant teen living in an abusive home who can't read -- and that's just the half of it. It's basically a story about one of the most downtrodden of downtrodden people. Since I'm a sucker for stories like these (because you know they'll be empowering as hell at the end), I totally saw and loved this.

This sh*t is heavy like it weighs a ton!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reasons why you wish you were me last week

1. The picture on the left says it all. I turned 13!

2. Ninja Assassin star/Stephen Colbert's arch nemesis Rain, sent me a birthday card! What can I say, international popstars...they love me.

3. My mom's birthday is the day before mine. Every year, I tell her the same thing and it never gets old:"I'm the best birthday present ever." Never gets old, trust me. The restaurant we ate at to celebrate our birthdays was also chosen as "Review of the Day" on Yelp! Maybe my third or fourth review this year chosen. What can I say, Yelpers think I have great taste.

4. launched last week. In addition to being the expert on Asian pop culture and being cute, it's my responsibility to be a vampire expert. Come to me boys.

5. Speaking of blogging, my 10 -Year Blogging Anniversary happened. I've been at this for a decade! Who would've thought I'd go from blogging away my teenage angst to getting paid to talk about stuff I like?

6. The Pac Man. I don't think I need to say anymore about this.

7. My current GPA right now is four-point-OH-MAN, I am awesome.

8. Did I mention it was my birthday last week? This picture captures the essence of how I felt all last week.

I'm not sure if anything can top this, really.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Not gonna lie -- if Lady Gaga and Beyonce invited me for a threesome, I'd say yes. What's the rule about threesomes? Doesn't the third person have to be a stranger? I qualify as a stranger, I think. Before I get too creepy on you, czech out this amazeballs music Beyonce video featuring Lady Gaga, "Videophone." (One of my fave songs from I Am...Sasha Fierce.)

More to talk about soon. Kinda busy, ciao!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am feeling so much love!

I love and the whole entire MixrMedia staff! Thank you SOOOO FREAKING MUCH.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's My 10 Year Blogging Anniversary

If you've ever wondered why I write such excellent, entertaining, thought-provoking blogposts, it's because as of today, I'm a 10 year blogging veteran.

A decade ago, I fought in a cruel battle where I sided with the handwritten word, but lost and was made a prisoner of the Blogosphere. Yes, a whole sphere. Under the powerful influence of the Blogosphere, I was brainwashed to believe that my Hello Kitty Diary was no longer a vehicle worthy of conveying my own crazy 15 year old thoughts. My Hello Kitty Diary was seized and captured, never to be found again. Or rather, put in a random box hidden in the deep, dark crevices of my room only to resurface just 4 years ago during a search-and-rescue mission for an expensive necklace that belonged to my mom. (She still thinks it belongs to her -- don't tell anyone I have it still.)

Being thrust into the Blogosophere so soon and so fast along with the tragic loss of my Hello Kitty Diary sent me on a downward spiral of e-recklessness and emotional strife. I swore never to love another Hello Kitty Diary again, yet entered many destructive relationships with other blogs. A few months at one blog, a few years at the next, then all of a sudden another blog and then sometimes I wouldn't blog because I was a lazy teenager or college student -- I was completely shameless. Regardless, here I am. Still blogging, but on a professional level. What was once thought of as a loss, is now a complete victory for me.

To commemorate my 10 Year Blogging Anniversary, here is the one blogpost that changed my e-life forever, my very first blogpost at 15:

As you can see, some things just don't change. I still love attention:

2000-2001: Different Variations of Nothing (15 years old)
2001: Different Variations of Nothing II, Different Variations of Nothing III, (16 years old),,
2002-2008: Livejournal
2006-2008: Myspace
2008: Facebook Notes
2008 to present:,,, and this blog obviously.

Cheers to myself for another decade of blogging! Or 5 years. Depends on if I feel like a 15 year anniversary. If you're reading this, feel free to make an e-toast!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance music video

I am in love with Alexander McQueen. Is it no surprise that I am also in love with Lady Gaga's new Bad Romance music video? I seriously want to live in it.

memory triggers

If my memory were a loaded gun, I'd say that it's a faulty gun with the safety turned off. It fires memories at random, without notice. This evening, I was eating dinner with my brother on the couch watching ABC's Nightline -- an almost daily ritual. As I shoveled a bite of rice with veggies into my mouth, my memory gun fired off to a time that I was having a painfully somber dinner with someone I haven't spoken to in almost 4 years. Not a lot was said or exchanged then. It was one of those dinners.

It was then that I'd wished I'd farted really loudly or accidently belched the most disgusting burp I've ever belched before. Because then, on the couch with my brother tonight, I'd be randomly laughing about something that happened almost 4 years ago. I still do laugh about it, but it would've been funnier and more epic if a fart/burp happened.

Note to self: Do more embarassing things.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Top 10 Not-So-Guilty Pleasures

1. I like to tell people that behind closed doors, I dance around in my underwear to Beyonce. Actually... it's not always behind closed doors. (Calm down, I'd be fully-dressed then.)

2. Celebrity gossip. Don't let me tell you that I need to be on top of it for work. I need to know where Rpattz is at all times. And I do stress, "need to know."

3. Gumball machines. My collection of fake teeth doesn't come from out of nowhere.

4. The real reason why my hair has been kept long for the last 3 years is because I decided that I liked doing the diva head toss better with long hair than short.

5. When I think television networks, I associate the CW network with "quality." Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries...Gossip Girl...Vampire Diaries...Did I mention Gossip Girl? And actually, on second thought -- I just like teen dramas.

6. Ditto when it comes to reality tv shows. I know it's fake, I can't help it, okay?

7. Staying awake at night for no good reason. Sometimes, playing Korean flashgames just seems more appealing than going to sleep, geez.

8. Movies starring Ryan Reynolds.

9. The Twilight Saga and making fun of it.

10. Dancing in the rain. Actually, this is just a filler pleasure. I just think Mike and I look really cute in the picture above from when I went to Florida last year. But for the record, we were really dancing in the rain. (And I miss you Mike and Tuan!!!!)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

pregnancy nightmares/dreams

It's not unusual for me to have pregnancy nightmares. It's not that I'm sleeping around wrecklessly or living a debaucherous life worthy of it's own Maury Povich talkshow episode entitled, "Maury, who's my baby-daddy?!" Getting knocked up, settling down are both things that aren't scheduled to happen anytime soon for me. And actually, I'm so convinced that I ovulate sand.

After much research and endless heart-to-hearts with anyone with a heart, I've come to the conclusion that the pregnancy nightmares are actually good dreams. I place a lot of hope in the idea that these pregnancy dreams are just symbolic of things I'll be creating in the future. Things born out of love.

Right now? I love blogging. I love that my job involves blogging, creating, and inspiring. I've got so much news relevant to this dream that involves what's been going on in the blogosphere, but for now's hush-hush. Or 'suck-suck' with non-sexual connotations. Oh boy, I just dropped a hint with that last sentence.

In other news, why wasn't I born a British popstar? One of my favorite lyrics of the moment come from Cheryl Cole's "Fight for this Love."

"Anything that's worth having, is sure enough worth fighting for. Quitting is out of the question, when it gets tough, gotta fight some more!"

Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love - Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

And ugh, I love everything she is wearing -- Balmain, much?

Really, body, really?

A cold? What did I ever do to you? (Besides going out this past Halloween and probably partying beyond my limits.) Really, body, really? I hardly ever go out, and this is what I am met with? Sigh.

I get it, I'm getting old.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Me and my larger than life posse

So, for Halloween I dressed up as the Asian version of Gwen Stefani, complete with her posse of Harajuku girls. I roll in style, so my posse's got to be larger than life -- literally.


My love's a revolver
My sex is a killer
Do you wanna die happy?
Do you wanna die happy?
My love's a revolver
My sex is a killer
Do you wanna die happy?
Do you wanna die happy?
I let it bang bang

Something about wheelchair romances

This music video is killing my ovaries so hard. A vespa, cupcakes, a wheelchair romance: What more could you ask for in a cute, pop music video?

This kind of reminds me of a Japanese drama I watched a few years ago called, Beautiful Life. It's about a hairstylist that falls in love with a wheelchair bound woman. It's ranked among my favorites in terms of Asian dramas. If this description compels you to watch it, leave me a comment.