Monday, September 7, 2009

Yikes, how did I let this happen?

I can't believe the quickness in which this week, this month has arrived. Nothing too sexy to report. I've been made's creative director/managing editor a few weeks ago. Ningin is pretty much an Asian pop culture news site. If you happen to be into entertainment from Asia (Anime, dramas, pop music etc.) czech it out. So far, so good. I'm also currently brainstorming a few online community ideas of that nature, based on my interests. Something big is being planned, but I'm not at liberty to say.

I am however, at liberty to say that my mom is finally back from the Philippines. I didn't ask for anything this time around, but she ended up getting us organic, home grown cacao, dried mangos and locally crafted cocktail rings the size of the state of Texas. Exactly what I've been looking for in recent accessory shopping-pursuits!

The weekend was pretty nice. Minus studying and the month's worth of chores I had to do to convince my mom we haven't been lazy for a whole month. Other than that, I was afforded time to head to Long Beach and downtown Santa Ana to live it up with new and old friends. Jasmine finally came back from her South American trip and I was able to meet up with her. I also finally got to meet one of my bloggers in the flesh. Good times all around.

As you can see, nothing too sexy. I'm ready for the week, that's for sure. Bring it on, week!

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