Thursday, July 30, 2009


- I really would like someone to parody Jermih's "Birthday Sex" song and call it, "Birthday Checks." (Click here for reference of what terribly catchy song is being stuck in my head while driving every so often.)
- I've recently begun learning how to play tennis the proper way from my brother. It's evident in how my wrist hurts.
- Because I've recently learned how to use a chair in my cardio kickboxing workout, I can't not think of what a lap dance lesson might be like if they exactly existed. (As part of a tacky Vegas bachelorette party package?)
- Lee's Sandwiches' "Iced Americana Latte" tastes EXACTLY like my beloved Korean iced latte. And what do Korean iced lattes taste like? Like lattes but slightly sweeter.
- Taking another trip to the Yay Area next week. I don't have much planned except for hanging out with family.
- I couldn't watch Fox's "More to Love" (The Bachelor, but with normal, plus sized women.) without wanting to cry. At the same time, I was slightly mad that they picked a plus sized man as the bachelor -- so much for love being for everyone 'regardless' of size.

I am starving. Later!

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