Tuesday, November 10, 2009

memory triggers

If my memory were a loaded gun, I'd say that it's a faulty gun with the safety turned off. It fires memories at random, without notice. This evening, I was eating dinner with my brother on the couch watching ABC's Nightline -- an almost daily ritual. As I shoveled a bite of rice with veggies into my mouth, my memory gun fired off to a time that I was having a painfully somber dinner with someone I haven't spoken to in almost 4 years. Not a lot was said or exchanged then. It was one of those dinners.

It was then that I'd wished I'd farted really loudly or accidently belched the most disgusting burp I've ever belched before. Because then, on the couch with my brother tonight, I'd be randomly laughing about something that happened almost 4 years ago. I still do laugh about it, but it would've been funnier and more epic if a fart/burp happened.

Note to self: Do more embarassing things.

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