Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's My 10 Year Blogging Anniversary

If you've ever wondered why I write such excellent, entertaining, thought-provoking blogposts, it's because as of today, I'm a 10 year blogging veteran.

A decade ago, I fought in a cruel battle where I sided with the handwritten word, but lost and was made a prisoner of the Blogosphere. Yes, a whole sphere. Under the powerful influence of the Blogosphere, I was brainwashed to believe that my Hello Kitty Diary was no longer a vehicle worthy of conveying my own crazy 15 year old thoughts. My Hello Kitty Diary was seized and captured, never to be found again. Or rather, put in a random box hidden in the deep, dark crevices of my room only to resurface just 4 years ago during a search-and-rescue mission for an expensive necklace that belonged to my mom. (She still thinks it belongs to her -- don't tell anyone I have it still.)

Being thrust into the Blogosophere so soon and so fast along with the tragic loss of my Hello Kitty Diary sent me on a downward spiral of e-recklessness and emotional strife. I swore never to love another Hello Kitty Diary again, yet entered many destructive relationships with other blogs. A few months at one blog, a few years at the next, then all of a sudden another blog and then sometimes I wouldn't blog because I was a lazy teenager or college student -- I was completely shameless. Regardless, here I am. Still blogging, but on a professional level. What was once thought of as a loss, is now a complete victory for me.

To commemorate my 10 Year Blogging Anniversary, here is the one blogpost that changed my e-life forever, my very first blogpost at 15:

As you can see, some things just don't change. I still love attention:

2000-2001: Different Variations of Nothing (15 years old)
2001: Different Variations of Nothing II, Different Variations of Nothing III, (16 years old),,
2002-2008: Livejournal
2006-2008: Myspace
2008: Facebook Notes
2008 to present:,,, and this blog obviously.

Cheers to myself for another decade of blogging! Or 5 years. Depends on if I feel like a 15 year anniversary. If you're reading this, feel free to make an e-toast!

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