Wednesday, August 19, 2009

can't sleep

  • So, thanks to the California budget crisis, my cardiokickboxing instructor is actually just a football coach who's never taught a kickboxing class. That's like me teaching a kickboxing class. What is it like having me teach a kickboxing class? Not good.
  • I was douche-y today and had someone introduce me in lab by mentioning I was a managing editor of I don't actually officially start until tomorrow.
  • Not sure if it's obvious, but I don't have a lot going on in the dating department. Or anything at all. Hence, the onslaught of Alexander Skarsgard pictures.
  • Besides that, I have friends who update me often with raucous sex stories. I also attended a wedding not long ago -- I got drunk and made out with the bride's best friend. That'll hold me over until 2012.
  • 7 Eleven's 99 cent iced coffee isn't bad, I just wish it wasn't half creamer.
  • On a superficial note, I saw Zara's Fall 2009 collection in the thread (as opposed to flesh?) and my head exploded and my wallet cried. No damage done obviously because my head exploded.
  • I think praying is effective when people think outside of the box when it comes to answers from God. God's not human, he doesn't communicate like we do.
Now, I am spent. Nite!

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