Saturday, August 1, 2009

One of many Filipino dad stories: Death by flower?

Proceeding an argument over plumeria flowers and their scents, (don't ask) my dad got to telling me stories about Philippine flowers that bear scents that equate to death. Cadena de amor flowers in the Philippines are notoriously unwanted in places that aren't cemeteries. You can only smell Cadena de amor flowers at night. Despite its sweet scent, the night-time olfactory presence of the Cadena de amor meant that you had to go home or start praying. Or at least stop playing in the cemetery.

If you randomly started to experience wafts of plumeria in places that plumerias aren't usually found, that meant drop everything and run. Plumeria flowers in the Philippines were used to accompany the dead in a casket. Either someone broke into a grave, or someone broke out of a grave. I suppose it's not a good idea to be wearing plumeria scented perfume, for risk of smelling like death?


I'm not quite sure where the image on the left is from but it features a couple wearing traditional Filipino garb, surrounded by Cadena de amor flowers. Nothing says awesome like macabre romance.

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