Thursday, August 20, 2009

Post-modern dreaming

Older Sibling Appreciation Day. Does that exist? I think it should.
I don't mind a little appreciation here and there. Especially given the events of early this morning. Long story short, my brother got trashed and never came home to avoid possible DUI charges. Upon receipt of the news, I woke up at 4 am to form a mound of clothing resembling a 6 foot tall 21 year old still living at home, on top of my brother's bed. It sufficiently passed. So much so, that if he was ever gone for extreme amounts of time and I happened to miss him -- that mound of clothing would help me cope with his absence.

Well, not really...but you get it.

Speaking of 'getting it,' I had two weird dreams last night that I don't get. Mostly because they're dreams of me waking up from dreams. I know, I'm so post-modern. The first dream is recurring and I'm dreaming that I'm waking up from a dream only to find that I have hornets buzzing in front of my face. I look to the side to find a hornet hive hanging from my ceiling, just chillin'. Buzzing about and being intimidating like it was going out of style.

When I wake up from my dream where I've dreamt that I've woken up to hornets in my face, my head falls back on something hard. My head was up previously as a natural response to waking up from a dream where you've dreamt you had hornets in your face. When I turn over to inspect what the hardness was/see how Ikea had failed me, I find that I was actually resting upon the naked, hardened pectoral muscle of an adonis. And then I woke up, for real.

Hopefully this isn't God's way of telling me that even if I'm not actually going to be stung by a hornet, I'm still not going to wake up next to an adonis? I don't get it.

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