Sunday, August 16, 2009

Domestic Wussy

I often like to brag about how I own domesticity. In the book of domesticity, I wrote chapter 10 -- after Martha Stewart, Julia Child, Betty Crocker and my mom, of course. I even own stock in Domestic Inc. There is however, one aspect of domesticity that I am willing to admit defeat. An aspect that completely humbles me because it kicks my ass every time. It also makes me cry like a bitch, literally:

Onion chopping.

Older, much more respectable women trained in the art of onion chopping (my mom) say that it takes time to conquer. It is taking me an abnormally long time. I have reason to believe it's because I get too creative with the stinging-onion-induced tears prevention. Who wears their younger brother's protective airsoft/paintball mask to chop onions?

I do.

This aside, I still think I give good kitchen. I'm just really embarrassing to watch.

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